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Searching for an In-Home Caregiver in Florida? We have made it easy to find qualified local caregivers in your area! Our simple platform allows our members to view local senior caregivers. Just type in your zip code to have access to qualified caregivers near you! If you do not see a caregiver that suits your specific needs, simply Post an Ad on our Job Board! Qualified caregivers can view each Job Ad and contact you if they meet your needs. Ads are only $5 per Ad!

2. Hire

Once you have found your perfect In-Home Caregiver in Florida, let them know you are interested! Simply send them a message through our Message Board. Hire with confidence by requesting a Background Check.  A Green Check Mark next to a caregiver's name will let you know they have a Background Check available to view. Request to view each Background Check by clicking the Add Friend button. If your caregiver does not have a Green Check Mark, don't worry! has been it easy to request a Background Screening. Just click on the "Background Checks" tab to be properly navigated.

3. Pay

At, we understand just how important it is to keep track of your Caregiver payments. That is why we offer an easy and safe solution to pay your caregiver on-line! Simply click the Pay Caregiver button to navigate to an easy payment option.